About Bukidnon Giant Bamboo Resources Corp 

We Care

We are but stewards of our planet. Bamboo creates many opportunities for us to heal our planet, offering livelihood for farmers and building a future for their families. It's a beautiful material that sustains life in many respects. And we make every effort to make all these a reality, because we care.  

About Bukidnon

Our roots started in Bukidnon, a landlocked tableland province in southern Philippines. With high elevation, cool climate, good soil, high rain fall and intense sunlight Giant Bamboos (dendrocalamus asper) thrive in the most ideal environment in Bukidnon, yielding amazing volume and number of poles per unit area per year.

Bukidnon is home to 1.5 million as of 2020 with a significant population of Indigenous Peoples (IP) composed of seven (7) tribes. 

It is considered the food basket of southern Philippines with the soil and regional climate supporting a highly productive crop, vegetable, and livestock farming industry.

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Company History

Since the late 90s, the government.  the government led by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has been promoting the propagation of giant bamboo in Bukidnon as an alternative to traditional timber products in any scale) as a protective measure against soil erosion and flood control. However, sustaining the propagation of giant bamboo meant providing economic opportunities to those planting and maintaining these “plantations” has always be” has always been the biggest challenge.

Despite the government’s efforts, economic opportunities for bamboo in Bukidnon were still limited to propping for banana plantations, which is now losing market as some banana plantation operators have started implementing innovations and took out banana props to save on costs, and a niche market as construction material and home-style products are still not enough to support an industry. While the most practical of all economic opportunities for bamboo is in the construction industry, the investment needed to “kick-start” was still absent since there has been no acceptable model (in the Philippines) for financing institutions (including the government) to consider. Most institutions still require “tried and tested” strategies such as hard cash invested on the ground. The only clear acceptable market to venture into was the export market since bamboo in the Philippines, while being widely promoted, more than 90% of all finished products are imported.

The idea started when Mr. Roberto V. Tinsay, Jr. (Bob) met Filipino representatives working for bamboo manufacturing companies in Vietnam during a BIMP EAGA business mission to Makassar, Indonesia, in 2017, and they were willing to do business with him. Business planning started almost immediately, resulting in several business missions led by the principals of the Vietnam-based companies coming over to Malaybalay several times to validate and develop a working business model of transforming bamboo into the new timber industry in the Philippines with emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) business foundation. After more than a year of validation, re-validation, and business planning, the next move was to prove such a business model.

Trial Shipments

Initial Trial - The preliminary challenge was to comply with technical specifications, beginning with the proper species, moisture content, and pest control. Several months of trials and re-trials were done until there were enough poles for a trial shipment to Vietnam for processing. In late October 2018, the trial shipment of poles arrived in Vietnam for testing, and the recovery after processing was deemed “very satisfactory.”

Poles received in Vietnam October 2018


Trial runs - The first trial shipment of locally produced slats using available second-hand equipment (designed for timber) had to be done to continue securing data for business modeling of which, in early March 2019, the first batch of bamboo slats reached Vietnam, and again, with “very satisfactory” results amid the equipment used and the facilities limited to a makeshift factory and solar drier.

The BGB Management Team

Rod Bioco, Chairman

Rod is an industrialist and agricultural policy activist protecting the welfare of small farmers. He established major post-harvest facilities and founded the Philippine Maize Federation, Inc. Rod is the Agriculture, Policy, Business, and Ecology. Together with Bob Tinsay, he is transforming bamboo into the new timber industry with an emphasis on a high ESG business foundation.

Bob Tinsay, President

Founder MJJ – Pioneered research and development through MJJ to develop a proof of concept for manufacturing operations to bring giant bamboo slats to the international market.


Burt Estrada, Secretary

Lawyer Burt Miquiabas Estrada or Datu Manhan-ayan of the Bukidnon Tagulwanon Tribe, an Indigenous Community in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon, is the former National President of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) and Chairman of the 25th Board of Governors of the IBP.

Roger Navarro, CFO

President of Phil Maize Federation, Inc. Active advocate for farmers, dairy and progressive agriculture. Roger himself is a farmer and a member of the Northern Mindanao Poultry Industry Association. He supervises personal investments in production of corn, cassava, high value crops (Bamboos), and fruits.  

Allan Cuenca, Transformation

Director of Information Technology of a US Fortune 500 company, TCG-Synegi Pte. Ltd. and Integra Studios. Allan's practice encompasses ICT, EDI, Digital Food Supply Chain, Manufacturing Automation, Data Science, Geographic Information Systems, and Strategic Technology Portfolio management.

Engr. Julius Bioco

BGB General Manager

Past Engineering Manager Mariveles Grain Corporation

A machine specialist.  Overseeing daily operation activities, improving overall business functions, and communicating business.


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