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Your interest in BGB, our products and advocacy inspires us to believe that you share our passion for nurturing the only planet we have and enriching humanity, especially those who have too little.


The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines announced its support of Bukidnon Giant Bamboo Resources Corporation's campaign:

Make it right. Make it Bamboo.

Company Profile

Learn how BGB nurtures the environment while leading the industrial revolution of the bamboo industry in the Philippines 

Company Profile

Product Lines

Infinitanium, Infinidura, and Infinicore product lines embody the Giant Bamboo's strength, durability, and toughness. BGB is leading the expansion of the bamboo industry in the Philippines with its abundant supply of bamboo transformed into beautiful materials for your needs. 

Scientific Papers

Technical and Performance Data on Bamboo

Socio-Economic Impact of Bamboo

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